Why Book4U Is an Ideal Solution for school yearbooks for Teachers and Students Alike

Published: 13th July 2010
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Book4U is an idea that originated in Australia; at its simplest best, it is a web-based application that gives teachers the ability to print their students' books.
This is a wonderful idea which allows you to easily print books such as graduation books, school yearbooks , project books and class books.
All you have to do is to use the interface provided on the website; you don't have to download anything-this becomes the greatest advantage of Book4U.
It is possible to tweak the book in several ways so that the finished product is just according to the wishes of the teachers and the students.

The bigger benefits of Book4U are for the teachers.
Since the system automates everything, the teachers don't have to face the burden of making the books themselves.
The templates of the books are automatically prepared by Book4U and then these teachers need to just give them a different look using the features provided and they are done.
The book is done and ready to use in almost no time at all.

All teachers have to register on the website.
The teachers who have signed in will then ask their students to register under them, in a sort of network fashion.
The students can submit their files individually which can be in the Word, Photoshop, Publisher or any other such similar format.
It is possible for every student to send files on an individual basis, or even a group of students can work on a single file and then send it.
Since each student contributes to the book that is in development, it anyway becomes a collective effort.

The ultimate decision about the school yearbooks 's look and feel lies with the teacher supervising it.
When the submissions are being made, the teacher can ask for revisions or can change content if needed.
The presentation of the book is the teacher's call.
It is only when everyone is satisfied with how the book looks is the decision made to get the book printed.
It is the teacher who decides whether the book is printable or not.

But what makes Book4U so great?
Well, the benefits for teachers are easy to see-they no longer have to be driven up the wall while making these books.
Also, teachers can easily ask their students to provide something for the book, thus improving their creativities.
It becomes possible for all to know about what's going on as the book is being created and everyone can collectively decide about its printed look.
Also, you don't have to clutter your computer with any downloaded information, which is something that greatly helps making the Book4U a highly amazing product.

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